ArKay The World´s First Non Alcoholic Spirits Alternative

Introduced in 2011

arkay makes own alcohol free spirits

“I like to do things nobody has ever done”

-Reynald Vito Grattagliano-

I created the world’s first Non-Alcoholic Spirits in 2007

I was inspired to produce alcohol free spirits following an episode with my 22-year-old son who upon returning home from a party, where there was ample imbibing, began to feel those certain unappealing after-effects and suggested me to create an Alcohol-Free Whisky.

Arkay Non-Alcoholic Liquor Alternative introduced in Canada



Arkay bottling facility

Arkay bottling facility

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Arkay Non-Alcoholic liquor Alternative
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Arkay’s – a collection of sophisticated crafted, non-alcoholic spirits that give you  Always an opportunity to sip an Alcohol-free cocktails with your buddies.

From Concept,
To Completion

Create Non-Alcoholic Spirits Alternative available for everyone

Produce Arkay Zero Proof Spirits in our very own bottling facility

Get Arkay bottle into the hands of consumers.

Produce Arkay Zero Proof in our very own bottling facility
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Zero Alcohol- Zero Sugar

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Arkay Zero Proof Cocktail Video Recipe

Arkay Alcohol Replacement is a unique and innovative drink for consumers looking for an Alcohol-Free Liquor Alternative or swap out half of the hard for a low ABV cocktails.

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A great substitute for the real thing, whether for a healthy change in lifestyle or simply to use in long social “cocktail hours.”
Denis W.

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Premium non-alcoholic beverage

Arkay’s Tennessee Whiskey Alternative is the only product on the market worthy of calling their product whiskey. I have tried all of them. Unbeatable in flavor!
Stephany M.
arkay non alcoholic in Canada is zero alcohol zero sugar
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