ArKay Canada Zero Proof Non-Alcoholic Spirits Alternative

#Coronavirus: Our distribution centers are open around the clock to satisfy surging demand for Arkay drinks.

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Arkay Beverages The World’s Largest Alcohol-Free Spirits Company is working around the clock to satisfy surging demand for Arkay drinks.

Trusted Since 2011

Arkay Alcohol-Free Whisky Alternative a new way of Ritual Drinking. Taste, smell and burn as an American whisky. For easy mocktails and low-carb, alcohol- and gluten-free cocktails.






Enjoy Arkay-Not The Alcohol

The new ArKay experience is coming to every flavor

From the moment you open the bottle you will be wondering if ArKay is Alcohol-free. The next time you open a bottle of ArKay you’ll be amazed by the clean, light and fresh aroma that you had only associated with your favorite alcoholic beverages. The fullness and freshness, that used to come only from alcohol, are now captured in every bottle of ArKay. Every sip will have you wondering. The feel is real, the flavor is real, and best of all, you stay sober because ArKay is, and always will be, Alcohol-Free. 

Are you ready for the new ArKay Experience?

Arkay since 2011 is the first American-made spirit alternative.

Arkay is Zero Proof, Sugar Free , that Echo The Taste, Nose, Burn of Traditional Liquor.

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