The New Breed Of Non Alcoholic Liquor

Zero-Proof Beverages - Arkay Version Of Alcohol-Free Liquors & Spirits

Straight-up, “on-the-rocks” or with your favorite mixer, non-drinkers deserve a “great adult cocktail”

Beyond Spirits – Sober Curious – The Clean Vic – Zero Booze

Peated and Smoky

Private Label Program

Will create your very own Alcohol-Free Spirits Brand. This white label program is specially adapted for start ups

Become a Distributor

We’re always looking for new and interesting companies to partner with for distribution of our products.

Become a Bottler

Become a local bottler in your country by producing our drinks under license.

Whisky-free whisky has joined the rank of milk-free dairy and beef-free burgers

Drink what you Love: 33 flavors available

Arkay the perfect trendy drink if you want the experience of companionship and social culture but don’t want the negatives..

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